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Tyme Commerce, Inc.

Order Ahead Platform, Personalized With Your Likes & Interests
$126,823 Raised
Ended February 1st
65 Investors

Tyme is an order ahead platform that customizes the local world around you to your likes and preferences. With Tyme, look at your customized menu (powered by our AI engine ‘Emily’), place your order, and pick up or eat in at a wide variety of local restaurants around you.

Why you may want to invest
  1. We strive to become the Amazon.com of Brick & Mortar Commerce (a leader in Payments and Loyalty)

  2. Though not necessarily a predictor of the success of Tyme, the founders previously grew a POS business by $55 million+ in ARR in three years

  3. We are building an advanced Omnichannel architecture with crypto-tokenization of loyalty to streamline loyalty across brick & mortar merchants

  4. The founders have a strong understanding of the commerce industry and can effectively leverage partnerships across the Omnichannel spectrum to drive penetration in SMBs and Enterprises quickly

  5. Based on survey results, 56% of merchants know they need better technology to refocus on the customer experience.

  6. We filed a comprehensive patent application to protect some aspects of our technology platform, and we plan to file additional applications over time for defensive purposes.

  7. Patent filed for proprietary Tyme Cubbies (which work with the Tyme platform to keep your food hot or cold and then open when you approach your pickup spot).

  8. Over 100 Merchant Contracts Signed

Our Ambition

We want to enable physical merchants to win against e-commerce while becoming the natural go-to transaction vehicle for consumers. By decreasing reliance on online shopping and the environmental impact of e-commerce, we can help local communities thrive by bringing back local shopping.

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