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The largest music social network is about to become a LinkedIn for all creatives
$280,173 Raised
Ended January 17th
653 Investors

Vampr helps creatives build a network and find the right people to collaborate with in an easy to use frictionless mobile app. For most of us, one of the biggest challenges is getting to know the right people who can help propel our career. The old adage “it’s who you know” is undeniably true. But networking is, and always has been, tough. It’s time consuming and expensive. With Vampr you can now access hundreds of thousands of connections around the globe in the palm of your hand in an instant.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Facilitated over 4 million professional connections in 198 countries
  2. $900K in prior funding from music industry executives and angels
  3. Named in Apple's Best of 2017 apps list
  4. Multi-award winning platform
  5. Next milestone, $3M revenue and 10M users by Q1 2021
  6. The future of social media - an online network whose revenues are generated from services rather than selling your data
  7. REG D UPDATE: $141K in additional private funding for this round
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