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A Membership Tool To Preserve Cultural Spaces in Our Cities
$83,807 Raised
Ended November 22nd
108 Investors

We help music venues, art galleries, and other cultural spaces set up quality membership programs, which builds crucial monthly recurring revenue. During ticket sale check out, we give customers quick and easy actionables to sign up for memberships, giving them the opportunity to support their favorite spaces. Running a great monthly membership program can double the revenue of these cultural spaces, helping them afford to stay in our cities and keep making them beautiful places to live.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Since launching, 8,500+ attendees have bought tickets for 450+ events.

  2. 1700+ of those attendees became members (~20%), raising over $100k in additional revenue, or $11 for every attendee

  3. We've targeted and are in active discussions with over 120 accounts, with over 30 launched. 

  4. Founders all have 10+ years experience as arts-based entrepreneurs in New York City. 

  5. Piloting program with 3 large music venues -- House of Yes, Le Poisson Rouge, and Elsewhere -- each projected to sign hundreds of new members up every month. 

  6. Imminent product feature will make it 3x faster to bring our fundraising services to the people who need them.

  7. Filing over $1,200 in monthly revenue while in private beta mode. 

Our Ambition

While currently in private beta, we've found that we can convert around 20% of a venue's existing audience into members. Once our platform is public, we want to offer our game-changing tool not just to music and art venues, but bookstores, record shops, or any small business competing with large corporate retail. By helping small businesses develop a stable new source of income, we can ensure that our cities will support innovative, vibrant, diverse culture for decades to come, even as they grow

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