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Womp is the all-in-one platform to transform your ideas into 3D realities.
$96,100 Raised
Ended August 1st
179 Investors

Did you know you can 3D scan objects, modify them, and reproduce them in a variety of 3D printing materials like ceramics or metals?  Did you know you can design things from scratch and interact with them on your browser and/or in Augmented Reality? Womp is the first smart platform merging the latest in web3D, mixed reality, and 3D printing. It's like Squarespace for 3D: Womp allows anyone to create, interact, share and print their ideas all in one place, zero knowledge required.

Why you may want to invest
  1. INNOVATIVE TECH- Game changing tech (Website + IOS APP)
  2. 4X REVENUE- Last year over the year prior.
  3. STRONG TEAM- Lean, agile, passionate and close team with unique insight.
  4. VETTED- In 2 years, 300+ happy customers. Trusted by giants in tech and consumer products (cosmetics, footwear, and leaders in 3D printing).
  5. INSIGHT- Unique insight into bridging consumers into 3D, product development, manufacturing and the future of 3D/AR. 
  6. TIMING- THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IS HERE! with the rise of AI + AR, rapid advances in 3D tech, and the drop in 3D printing costs we are closer than ever to 3D going mainstream.
  7. MARKET- The 3D market is at $11B and growing fast: projected at $108B by 2021 and $500B by 2030.
  8. EXIT- We believe we have a strong exit potential and strategy. A 2-3 year exit potential with some of our manufacturing partners who have scaled 3D printing as a service.
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Brooklyn, NY

Key Team Members

Gabriela Trueba
Founder and CEO


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