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A personalized guided experience marketplace for travelers & experience seekers
$12,650 Raised
Ended December 1st
9 Investors

We connect people who are looking for a unique experience with local providers who can give them a once in a lifetime adventure. Lasting a few hours, each experience is designed around the interests of our customers — be it food, architecture, history and so much more.

Our guides, or Xoobies as we call them, have a great deal of flexibility to create custom experiences where their interests, expertise and personality can deliver a highly memorable experience for our customers.

Why you may want to invest
  1. Raised $597K in an app dev for equity arrangement

  2. MVP site launched Q2 2017 in Chicago

  3. Raised $100K from Angel Q3 2017

  4. iOS & Android apps launched Q4 2017

  5. Raised $10K Q4 from Angel Q4 2017

Our Ambition

We want to be in the top 25 US travel destinations with over 1,250 Xoobies providing unique and engaging experiences to travelers and local adventure seekers.

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